TAS Feedback Form

Information to Users

A wide range of European telescopes and instruments are offering observing time to external users through the SOLARNET Transnational Access and Service Programme.

User groups, who are awarded with telescope time under this programme, are kindly requested to fill in the following questionnaire once the observing run has been carried out.

The personal information that you inset will solely be collected for project purposes and there will be no unauthorized sharing of the said data. If there is an error which you would like to rectify, please contact the SOLARNET project office. You can also request the project office to remove your data from the system anytime you like.

Your collaboration is highly solicited. It will help us to improve the quality of the access and service provided by SOLARNET.

Questionnaire for TAS Programm Users

1. Details of person filling in the questionnaire

2. Pease, tick on the name of the telescope/instrument to which you have been granted access. If you have been access to more than one telescope / computer facility, please use separate questionnaires.

3. Where did you find out about the possibilities of this supporting access (you may indicate more than on choice)?

4. Would you still have been able to carry out your project with this telescope/instrument without the support of this SOLARNET Programme?

If NO, please indicate the reason (you may indicate more than on choice)

5. Please, assess the services provided by the infrastructure with respect to the following points:

Please, tick one cell in each row
1 = very poor, 2 = poor, 3 = average, 4 = good, 5 = very good

Just in case you received a SOLARNET travel and subsistence grant. Otherwise, leave this answer blank.

Just in case, you were on-site during the observations, supported or not with a SOLARNET travel and subsistence grant. Otherwise, leave this answer blank.

6. In case you have used some of the following services, please assess them

Please, tick one cell in each row
1=no, 2 = very poor, 3 = poor, 4 = average, 5 = good, 6 = very good

7. If there any further comments or suggestions you would like to make concerning your access to the telescope, please use the space below: