Upcoming Events

SOLARNET Forum for Telescopes and Databases

Date & Venue: 26 November 2019, Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden 
09:00-17:00 With lunch break and followed by a dinner in the evening

- The Access Programme (SU, Kiselman)
- Service mode observations (SU, Gregal Vissers)
- Coordinated observations (AIP, Carsten Denker)
- Coordination between ALMA and ground-based solar telescopes (ASU, Miroslav Bárta)
- The Virtual Access Programme (UiO, Mats Carlsson)
- Metadata definitions for observational data and numerical simulations (UiO, Mats Carlsson)
- Coordination of development of software tools for solar physics (USFD, Robertus Erdelyi)
- Big-data storage (KIS, Nazaret Bello Gonzalez)
For each item there will be a short introductory presentation, followed by a discussion.

Scientific & Local Organizer: Dan Kiselman
Email: dan@astro.su.se 

SOLARNET General Assembly Meeting

Date: Thursday, January 23, 2020 (9:00 - 17:30)
Venue: Headquarters of the Academy of Sciences (Room no. 206) 
                Národní 3, 117 20 Staré Město, Prague, Czech Republic 
genda to be followed shortly.